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Application Of Wire Thread Insert On Aluminum Of Electric Locomotive

 (1) Install the wire thread insert directly on the Aluminum alloy base

 This type of structure is suitable for the case that the thickness or wall thickness (casting) of the base metal is relatively thick. Generally, after forming the screw holes it can ensure at least 6-8 thread buckles (the thread L is not greater than M12) when the bolt is connected. This type of structure requires that the connecting bolts cannot withstand large loads to prevent damage to the tapped holes or the base metal.

 (2) The base metal is partially reinforced, and then the wire thread insert is installed. The method of local reinforcement of the base metal can strengthen the welded reinforcement block at the required part for the sheet material, and the flange can be locally strengthened at the required part for the casting. The mountings on the aluminum alloy top cover are usually partially reinforced, such as porcelain mounts, pantograph mounts,. For example, the pantograph mount on the aluminum alloy top cover of the DJJ2 type power car firstly welds a reinforcing plate under the mounting seat panel, and then drills, taps and then installs the wire thread insetrt, so that the formed thread can withstand strong Load.

(3) Install the wire nut sleeve with the nut seat. For some long or complex parts, you can weld or bond the nut seat in the required part, and then install the wire screw in the nut seat.

  The high strength of the wire thread insert enhances the wear resistance of the internal thread; in addition, the elastic connection formed between the wire screw sleeve and the fastening bolt can eliminate the pitch and tooth shape error between the inner and outer threads, so that each  thread is involved in the force, avoiding the concentration of the root thread (the main cause of bolt breakage). Can effectively improve the bolt connection conditions.


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