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Check Whether The Thread Hole Is Standard After Installing A Thread Insert

    Installing a thread insert into thread hole can effectively improve connection strength of thread hole and some capabilities, such as, corrosioon resistance, heat resistance and avoiding loose.Installation steps are drilling, tapping, testing thread hole, installing thread insert, breaking off tang and testing thread hole. Some people may be confused why testing thread hole appears twice? In fact, the two steps are necessary, which are the important steps to check whether this thread hole is standard, next, let's know more about this step.

    After tapping, it is necessary to test thread hole first, with a bottom hole plug gauge to check whether the thread is up to grade, if it is right, go ahead, if not, it is needed to tap again.

    If it can reach standard for the first time, with a spanner to screwing the coil into thread hole, after finish installation, breaking off tang, and next, it is time to test thread hole again, this time, using a thread plug gauge to test it, if the hole is perfect, keep on installing bolt in thread hole, if not, removing thread insert and installing again. The concrete steps as follows:

    Using bottom plug gauge to test, if the hole is standard, the go gauge and no go gauge can process fluently. If the go gauge doesn't work, that means the hole is too small, the tap is too small or tap is worn. If the no go gauge doesn't stop, that means the hole is too big,  the tap is too big, or the technician is not adept at doing it and other reasons.


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