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How Do We Prolong Service Period Of Thread?

    Wire thread insert is a kind of fastener, made of diamond-shaped stainless steel wire, can improve thread strength.

    Almost all industries can encounter some problems related to thread, such as, damaged thread, rusty thread, thread sliding wire and so on, aluminum products in particular, because of the soft material and frequent removal, it is very easy to lead to sliding wire and enlarging thread hole.Moreover, thread connection is inevitable in most of machanical processing, so, prolonging service period is tp priority to users.

    Wire thread insert is processed by material with higher quality, and stainless steel has many good capabilities, such as, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and so on. With its superior hardness, it can prolong as many service period of soft machine parts as tens of hundreds times, increase its strength, avoid sliding.

    Wire thread insert is available to soft materials, such as, aluminum, magnesium, alloy, wood, plastic, rubber, which can effectively avoid sliding.




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