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The Application Of The Thread Inserts

The application of the thread inserts in the cars

Which parts of the car the thread insert can be used in ?


1.Oil plug

2. Differential case

3. Spark plug

4. Casting of the gearbox

5. manifold, manifold, gas collection tube

6. Other soft parts such as aluminum need to be fastened

The cars are made of light weight materials, such as aluminum alloys, and the frequent vibration of the car makes the threaded holes damaged frequently. When the bolts are tightened too much, the sliding teeth are often removed. Frequent assembly, removal and corrosion can lead to the damage of the thread , for the above reasons, for the car can have a better fastening method, the major domestic and international car companies use the thread inserts for the original fastening, for the lightweight material made of important threaded holes Inside. The use of the thread insert allows the thread to be reinforced and more durable while reducing the effects of corrosion.

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