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self tapping threaded inserts catalogue

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  • Key Locking Wire Thread Inserts

    Contact NowKey Locking Wire Thread InsertsKeys inserts provide high strength and reliability and are designed to provide high resistance to rotation and pull-out loads. After installation into the tapped hole, the locking keys on each Keys inserts are driven down through the threads of the parent material, locking the insert firmly and...Read More

  • High Quality Self Tapping Coil Inserts For Aluminum

    Contact NowHigh Quality Self Tapping Coil Inserts For AluminumSelf Tapping Inserts provide permanent wear-resistant threads in a wide range of materials, from tough to tap, high strength steels to brittle plastics. By tapping its own thread, Self tapping insert eliminates the need for pre-tapped holes. Features: 1. Self tapping 2. no pre-tapping required...Read More

  • self locking thread insert

    Contact Nowself locking thread insert➢1.The screw threads being locked by polygonal deformation of one or more turns of the thread.
    ➢2.This deformation results in a powerful locking on rhe sides of the screw thread and counteracts the unscrewing effects of dynamic stress,vibrations and thermal loads....
    Read More

  • 302 Self Tapping Insert

    Contact Now302 Self Tapping InsertSelf Tapping Inserts (also known as self threaded inserts or Ensats) are cylindrical metal bushings with internal and external threads and are specially designed to cut their own threads as they are being driven into a drilled hole.Read More

  • Self-Tapping Inserts With Three Cutting Bores

    Contact NowSelf-Tapping Inserts With Three Cutting BoresFeatures: 1. Self tapping 2. no pre-tapping required 3. Very high pull-out resistance 4. Highly resistant to vibration, can withstand vibration without loosening 5.Produces high quality, permanent,wear-resistant threads 6. Unlimited thread re-usability 7. Protects expensive components from...Read More

  • High corrosion-resistant and lubricant wire threaded insert with cadmium plating

    Contact NowHigh corrosion-resistant and lubricant wire threaded insert with cadmium platingA thread insert, Another names we called threaded bushing, Screw Insert, wire thread insert is a fastener element that is inserted into an object to add a threaded hole. It is made of high strength, precision, corrosion resistant and diamond wire. Advantages •Wear resistance •Corrosion...Read More

  • Free Running Thread Inserts

    Contact NowFree Running Thread InsertsA threaded insert, coarse thread screw insert as a fastener element. 1.repair a stripped threaded hole. 2.provide a durable threaded hole in a soft material. 3. eliminating a machining operation. Advantages: Wear resistance Corrosion resistance Heat resistance Material saving Can be customized...Read More

  • self tapping insert Thread Repair Kit

    Contact Nowself tapping insert Thread Repair KitThread Repair Kits are used for repairing tapped holes which have been stripped or damaged due to wear, corrosion and overtorque, as well as for strengthening internal screw threads in metals, plastics, and other materials.Read More

  • Threaded Inserts For Aluminum

    Contact NowThreaded Inserts For AluminumThreaded insert is a new type of neiluo fasteners, it is a high strength, high precision, smooth surface of cold-rolled stainless steel wire stainless steel wire. Mainly used to enhance and protect internal threads of low strength material. Wire thread insert embedded in aluminum, magnesium...Read More

  • 307 Or 308 Self Tapping Insert

    Contact Now307 Or 308 Self Tapping Insert307/308 Self Tapping Inserts hava a thick wall, and there are three circular hole with cutting ability scattered.They are suitable for the material thickness, which is not very comfortable.Read More

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