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  • Automatic Break off tang
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    Automatic Break off tang

    The Breaker is a wire thread insert tool, that is, the wire thread insert tool, also called the to, for breaking the installation handle of the broken groove wire thread insert. The Breaker is generally divided into two types: common Breaker and semi - automatic Breaker. When installing the...
  • Break Off Tang
  • Drill
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    Advantages: 1. Standard: DIN338, DIN1897, DIN340; 1/16"-1" for ASME, screw machine, taper length. 2. Steel material: M2(6542), M35, M42, HSS 9341, HSS 4341, HSS 4241 3. Process: Fully ground, milled, polished, roll forged 4. Point angel: 118degree, 118degree split point, 135degree...
  • Stainless Steel screw insert
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    Stainless Steel screw insert

    Wire thread insert is a fastener element that is inserted into an object to add a threaded hole.It is made of high strength, precision, corrosion resistant and diamond wire.
    ➢Wear resistance    ➢Corrosion resistance
    ➢Heat resistance    ➢Material...
  • Hand Tap
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    Hand Tap

    Specifications hand tap in hand tool 1. in all sizes 2. material:HSS, alloy steel, carbon steel 3. package: portable plastic box hand tap in hand tool 1.size range:M2-M56, in all standards 2.material:HSS M2,W9341,W4341,alloy steel, carbon steel 3.special:with one fixed slot to avoid...
  • Spiral-fluted Taps
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    Spiral-fluted Taps

    The wire thread insert tap is also referred to as " st taps" ( wherein " st" is abbreviated from the English " corkscrew" ), which is a special tap for processing the wire thread insert mounting holes, and the structural dimensions are manufactured according to the...
  • thread bushing
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    thread bushing

    Threaded Insert,thread repair kits,CNC machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Precision Threaded Insert, Thread Repair Kits, Drill, Ring Gauge, Plug Gauge, etc.
  • Plug Gauges
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    Plug Gauges

    Thread plug gauges: 1 :Thread Plug Gauges are used to gauge threaded holes prior to insertion of screw thread inserts. 2:Thread plug gauges check the size of internal threads to ensure the threads are within its designed tolerance limits. 3: Precision hand lapped to provide superior accuracy,...
  • Ring Gauges
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    Ring Gauges

    Ring Gage 1.77CLcoil ring Gauge inspects the external dimensions of manufactured thread inserts. 2.Gage are ring lapped to size and hand polished to provide superior accuracy and wear ability. 3.Gauge makers tolerance will be applied minus on the GO and plus on the NO GO. 4.The precision of...
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