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Thread Repair System--Delisert

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stainless Steel Thread Insert

Thread insert , other names we usually called threaded bushing、screw insert、wire thread insert, is a fastener element that is inserted into an object to add a threaded hole.

  Product Details


Wire thread insert is a fastener element that is inserted into an object to add a threaded hole.

It is made of high strength, precision, corrosion resistant and diamond wire.  

 •Wear resistance

 •Corrosion resistance

 •Heat resistance

 •Material saving

 •Can be customized if necessary

The field :

Widely used in automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, 

chemical fiber, chemical industry.


304 Stainless steel 

standard, general-purpose material.

Ideal for original equipment applications, repair and overhaul.

Most Metric, UNC, UNF sizes in the stock.

Cadmium Plating 


Provides high corrosion resistance.

Plating provides lubrication, preventing galling during insert installation.

Color: iridescent yellow, golden yellow.

Nickel plating


Provides high corrosion resistance.

Plating provides lubrication, preventing galling during insert installation.

Color: black.


Silver Plating 


Recommended to reduce galling of thread at high temperatures.

Plating suitable for use in high temperatures.

Color: Silver

Insert plating 


Dry film lubricant 

Provides additional lubrication in high friction application.

High temperature resistance 

Highly recommended with screw-lock inserts 

Mildly corrosion resistant 

Color: Grey 

Free Running thread insert 


The most commonly used type.

It can be green, the stainless steel true color is most using.

Most metric,UNC, UNF sizes in the stock.

 Installation process:

Drilling→Tapping→Installing→Breaking off tang


1.Drill: used for drilling the base holes

2. taps: used for the processing special internal thread of the base holes. 

3.Installation tools: put sets into the threaded hole.

4.Break-off tools: break off the tang of thread insert.

 5.Extraction tools: used for removing the damaged thread insert from the threaded hole.




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